STARLIGHT started out as a class assignment from the course SHORT SHORT taught by Professor Matthew Maloney at SCAD. In this class, students team up to create an animated short about a particular location of their choosing. The teams had to go on-location to experience their destination first-hand and create a story that conveys the feeling of the place. Our team chose the Starlight Drive-In theater, the last standing drive in theater in Atlanta. Coming from a diverse background and country, we’ve all never been to a drive-in theater before and were mystified by this American entertainment style. The night was picturesque as we sat down for the first time crammed in a tiny car to watch a movie from 4 different screens playing at the same time together.

See Production Notes for full details.

Pictures we took from the STARLIGHT Drive In
Onsite_photo_001 Onsite_photo_002 Onsite_photo_003 Onsite_photo_004 Onsite_photo_005 Onsite_photo_006 Onsite_photo_007 Onsite_photo_008 Onsite_photo_009 Onsite_photo_010

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