Author: Ginger

About Ginger

I'm a freelance graphic designer with a small ambition at the moment to improve the graphics/printing industry in my country. My personal strengths are in designing logos, html websites, basic flash websites, 2d flash animation, illustrations, and business cards. I also operate a freelance network with a group of talented designers who are able to do all types of print media, web-based media with programming, 3d animation, video graphics and such. C I am also currently employed as a web designer at a soon to be launching company: "the most comprehensive web directory on medical providers around the world."

On a summer evening, crowds of humans gather at the Starlight Drive-In to be mesmerized by glowing screens—but to the stray cat who lives there, it is just another night.  Starlight is an animated document of the Starlight Drive-In, the last remaining drive-in theater in Atlanta, GA.  Using sounds and images captured at onsite, the film creates a bizarre new environment as seen through the eyes of a cat.